Amphenol will be showcasing the widest selection of high-speed solutions this year. Here's a sneak peek of our show exhibits:

High Speed IO Solutions

Adhering to the high-speed theme, our High Speed IO connector and cable solutions include OverPass, Mini-SAS HD, CXP2, QSFP-DD and specifically the OSFP IO interconnect product family which supports up to 25Gb/s NRZ or 56Gb/s PAM4 for up to 400Gb/s aggregated bandwidth.

High Speed Backplane Solutions

Our High Speed Backplane solutions offer game-changing connector and cable solutions like Paladin®, ExaMAX®, and XCede® HD with speeds ranging from 12G to 112G per channel.  We will also be showcasing our Backplane OverPass.

Mezzanine Products

Our specialization in high-speed and high-density can also be found in the board-to-board arena. The product range is enhanced with SMT, Ball Grid Array (BGA), Press-fit and Compression technology.  Key products are M-Series 56, Lynx™ QD, Chameleon®, cLGA®, cStack™ and Custom Flex.

Power Solutions

For the past 20 years our power connectors have been leading the way in technology innovations around the world. We have power connectors that go up to 300A per contact and our most popular products include HPCE, PwrBlade ULTRA®, PwrMAX®, BarKlip® IO, PwrBlade+® IO and CoolPower® SDM.

BASICS Connections

Versatile features are an added advantage to high speed performance. FCI BASICS offers a wide range of pitch sizes extending from 0.21mm to 5.70mm, providing you with the most versatile connector solution. BergStak®, USB Type C, Millipacs®, MicroSpeed, High Speed FPC and AutoLock FPC are the star products.

Commercial IO Solutions

Connectors specific for IT & Consumer, Automotive Electronics, and LAN & Industrial applications are also put on show – presenting high-speed Automotive Ethernet connectors and, Fan connectors, along with Mini/Micro Power Wire-to-Board and the truly unique Harsh Environment Connectors

Storage & Server IO

We have all kinds of card edge that meet industry standard storage requirements. The Cool Edge product family ranging from 0.50mm to 1.00mm pitch, fulfills PCIe, EDSFF, NF1, OCP, Gen Z and SFF TA 1002 specifications. Best-in-class SAS & SAS PCIe (U.2 & U.3) 4.0, PCIe Gen 4 and 5, and DDR5 SMT will also be introduced.

AssembleTech and the Backplane Assembly & System Integration groups will also be present to offer all types of complementary cable and backplane assemblies – demonstrating our capability to support all requirements from start to end.   There will also be an automotive display to Amphenol’s support the growth in the automotive industry.

Don’t miss visiting us, our demonstrations, and technical presentations at Booths #731 and #850.