Amphenol ICC Power Solutions is proud to introduce our NEW Energy Efficient Product Line.

As power consumption and energy costs continue to increase, our design engineers have focused on solutions that use less energy and therefore offer energy savings to our customers. Our newest high performance connectors were developed with efficiency in mind, using highly advanced materials we are able to provide designs with lower end-of-life resistance. We are also focused on developing high performance electro-platings and supporting the next generation of power distribution architectures.

What Makes Our Products Energy Efficient?

Amphenol ICC Power Solutions understands the importance of continuous advancement in technology today, therefore; we have put forth a 100% commitment to pushing the bounds of innovation. Our advanced team of engineers has focused on efficiency increasing design elements such as ultrasonic welding, thicker materials, additional points of contact, the future of 48V scalable solutions, high performance plating technology which promotes ultra-low resistance interfaces and much more.

With our NEW GCS® & AGT® Silver based plating solutions, we have been able to provide our customers power solutions with the lowest end-of-life resistance ratings on the market today! Our proprietary electro-platings offer between a 10% and 20% increase in current carrying capabilities, compared to the same products that are plated with either gold or GF-pdNi.

In addition, we have increased linear current density in our connectors by adding additional points of contacts, decreased profile heights by up to 25% to reduce airflow impendence, and increased material thickness in our ultra high conductive materials. With the emergence of new world technologies and the importance of the environmental savings in mind, here at Amphenol ICC Power Solutions, we are fully committed to bringing our customers the most efficient and cost saving solutions in the market today.

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