Data Centers

As the hyperscale community prepares to ramp up implementation efforts, Amphenol ICC Power Solutions has already designed the next generation of power distribution solutions to best fit hyperscale needs efficiently. Most importantly, our broad range of hyperscale compliant solutions such as Barklip® IO, PwrBlade+®, and CoolPower® SDM connectors offer customers the flexibility to fully customize based on specific system power and real estate needs. 

Network and Telecommunications

Apart from the major advancements in Data Centers, the networking/communications industry has also made great strides in implementing major infrastructure changes to improve efficiency. Amphenol ICC Power Solutions has played a huge role in their success. With demands for advanced space and cost-saving solutions, our Power Solutions team has been able to provide exceptional “out-of-the-box” solutions using high-performing connectors such as eHPCE® and PwrBlade ULTRA®. In addition to their low profile designs, these solutions feature our proprietary GCS® silver-based plating technology, which provides ultra-low end-of-life contact resistance, lower overall voltage drop, and significantly decreases heat generation.

Energy Management

The world of energy management presents Amphenol ICC Power Solutions with a variety of challenging, yet exciting power application requirements. Such requirements have been simply solved using our PwrBlade+® and  Barklip® IO cable assemblies in applications such as EV chargers and solar inverters.  Our advanced team of engineers understands the importance of evolving energy applications which is why we are committed to researching and developing ruggedized, reliable, and high voltage solutions to better connect to the world of renewables.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 looks to re-shape the way factories are run today by converging autonomous machines and robotics with third platform technologies such as, Big Data/Analytics, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing , Artificial Intelligence, and much more. This technology revolution is being made possible with solutions such as PwrBlade® Cable assemblies and HPCE® connectors, which are already supporting the world automation and robotics. Our Power Solutions team is excited and looks forward to continue providing the new wave of technology with our most advanced power connectors to date.

No matter what the power need may be, Amphenol ICC has a solution for you! Our Power Solutions team is equipped with the widest range of configurable power products in the market today and is dedicated to fulfill your custom power connector needs. Click here to contact us today!