Amphenol ICC’s Cool Edge is a high speed and high power card edge connector system that supports most BTB applications in electronics market. 

These versatile solutions address multiple standards like PCIe, SAS, SATA, Gen 4/5, OCP 3.0, EDSFF, NGSFF/NF1, Gen Z  and offer multiple BTB configurations such as mezzanine, coplanar, midplane and backplane. Moreover, the connectors are designed as Open Pin Field and are hot plug capable. 

Fine pitch versions like the Mini Cool Edge 0.60mm was designed for sleek applications. These connectors are now extended with straddle mount version - developed to meet OCP NIC 3.0 specifications in addition to other industry standards like SFF TA-1002, Gen Z, EDSFF. 

Most recently, this revolutionary connector family introduced its finest cool edge connectors, Micro Cool Edge 0.50mm, for high-capacity and small form factor storage application required for enterprise and data center servers. It supports NF1/NGSFF (Next Generation Small Form Factor) which can double storage capacity and enable front side service within server systems compared to the M.2 standard. With 0.50mm pitch, 67pin, M Key that is similar to the M.2 connector, Micro Cool Edge supports NVMe SSD and meets speed up to 16GT/s. 

Till date, the most popular offering from the Cool Edge product family is the 0.80mm standard and 0.65mm slim versions. These connectors come with modular tooling that allows multiple power-signal combinations for vertical configurations. Amphenol ICC is introducing the online product configurator to address the need for quick and easy custom power and signal pin selection. 3D models and datasheets are generated on the fly. Click here to configure your own Cool Edge 0.80mm and Slim Cool Edge 0.65mm today. 

As Flash memory Summit 2018 approaches, Micro Cool Edge, Mini Cool Edge, and the Cool Edge configurators will be featured alongside many of our key products and demonstrations. Come see our latest Storage & Server Interconnect Solutions at booth #600, Santa Clara Convention Center from 7to 9 August. 

Check this space to get more updates on Flash Memory Summit 2018.