Major OEM and component manufacturers including Amphenol ICC are collaborating to help data center designers shed their proprietary outlook and go open source. 

Open Compute Alliance

A consortium known as the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) endorses and publicly releases data center designs from its member OEMs like Facebook and Microsoft.  These designs can be utilized by every other aspiring vendor to their clients’ benefit.   There are separate open source designs for server, storage, networking, and power equipment.  For clients employing multiple vendors, this ensures smooth management, because a network switch made by one manufacturer, and a server made by another, will be interoperable and free of hurdles, owing to the standardized nature of the designs. 

Similar Alliances

OCP is backed by collaborative efforts from Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), a fellow committee formed by top global industrial and financial majors.  On the other hand, independent alliances like Open19 spearheaded by LinkedIn and Open Data Center Committee (ODCC), involving several of China’s IT giants to develop standard data center infrastructure. 

Select Amphenol ICC Products for your Data Center Hardware Designs

Amphenol ICC’s solutions for OCP stand out among competition as most of the published open design proposals contain benchmark references to our signature products.  

Here are the popular few:

Backplane, coplanar and mezzanine: Our AirMax® series of signal and power connectors, 0.8mm BergStak®, and 1.0mm Conan® are references for the Open design documentation on server blades, motherboards, and storage expander boards in various cloud computing platforms. 

Card edge: The Power Supplies and Distribution Units of network switches and server platforms using our HPCE® Power Card Edge products gain an extra edge out of the one-piece advantage of card edge connectors. 

High power blade designs:  The Open Rack Version 2 Power specifications envision an energy-friendly 48V cubby rack consisting of the backplane and shelves that make use of our popular PwrBlade® connectors.