A circular connector can be defined as a circular interface with cylindrical contact housing. These connectors are used in various industries for data, signal and power connections in the AI, military, aerospace, data, communication, and manufacturing. These flexible and versatile connectors find use in harsh environments with its rugged mechanical performance and ease of connectivity. The circular connectors are available in a variety of sizes, contact layouts and materials.

Amphenol ICC provides Harsh MRD series circular connectors for industrial applications like smart grids and LED lightings. MRD series connectors are available in 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 position form factors. It comes with all plastic constructions as well as metal locking body housings with great durability. The locking options include 1/3 turn bayonet locking and quick release metal latches. The IP67 connectors are available in both signal and power variants with a current rating up to 10A making it suitable for high power applications.

Apart from MRD series, we also offer high-current circular power connectors. With improved reliability and lower resistance, Amphenol ICC’s SheerPwr® Circular is designed for applications connecting busbars-to-busbars, busbars-to-boards and board-to-board configurations. SheerPwr® is commonly used for blind-mate applications, and has a minimum blind-mate gatherability rating of 4.0mm. This blind-mate gatherability increases as the pin diameter increases in size. It uses a robust and compliant power contact, assembled in a circular orientation. This forms a power socket, designed to mate with traditional machined pins. The mating pin diameter sizes are 3.60mm, 6.0mm, and 8.0mm.

SheerPwr® Circular connectors feature a large beam deflection range that can handles up to ±0.40mm permanent misalignment. This ensures all of the beams will still make contact with the pin even if it is fully misaligned. In addition, these connectors come with Amphenol ICC's proprietary silver-based plating technology, AGT®, which provides ultra-low contact resistance. The connectors are compact in size, and the low profile 6.80mm height allows for greater airflow in many applications. These connectors are used in various markets including data, telecom, and industrial.

Amphenol ICC will continue to bring innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of various industries.