DesignCon being the largest chip, board, and systems event in the industry witnesses the launch of many innovative products. Amphenol ICC will be is launching three high-speed server connectors at DesignCon 2020: Right Angle PCIe® Gen 4 CEM connectors, Gen Z 4C-HP Mini Cool Edge connectors and Double Density Cool Edge connectors.

PCIe® Gen 4 CEM Connectors (RA)

Amphenol ICC is introducing the Right Angle version of PCIe® Gen 4 connectors for the first time in the market. Our PCIe® Gen 4 CEM Connectors come with flexible pin counts of X1, X4, X8, and X16 to support data rates up to 16GT/s (Gen 4), which is the double of PCIe® Gen 3.  These connectors are backward compatible with Gen2 and Gen 1 add-in-cards. It provides a height of 5.8mm which makes it suitable for space constraint applications on board. The Right-Angle versions support co-planar mating, which helps in saving space compared to vertical mating. These are ideal for high-performance computing, intensive data center, and network systems.

Mini Cool Edge- Gen Z 4C-HP Connectors

To support 12V/48V and high-power applications, SFF-TA-1020 and Gen-Z specifications propose a 4C-HP (high-power) connector. The 4C-HP version could replace the Card Edge Module connector and power supplier cable for PCIe® card application. Based on Gen 5 specification, the card can handle power up to 600W on 12V/48V while Gen Z 4C-HP further extends it to 1000W on 48V power.

We are launching Gen Z 4C-HP Mini Cool Edge connector (ME1014040180011) at DesignCon 2020. It comes with a 0.60mm pitch 140 signal pin vertical SMT and 4 power pin vertical TH configuration. These connectors help in mounting PCI Express® Card Electromechanical (CEM) add-in card (AIC) to the PECFF (PCIe® Enclosure Compatible Form Factor) enclosure and support up to 55A through connector without additional cables needed.

Double Density Cool Edge Connectors

The higher density and high speed Cool Edge connectors save more space supporting next generation system developments. This helps in reducing the routing trace length from CPU to riser card and provides interconnect flexibility. Amphenol ICC’s  0.80mm pitch Double Density Cool Edge connectors offer an ultra compact design with 2 rows of contacts and can support up to 428 contacts. This highly configurable single piece connector can accommodate both high speed, low speed signal, and power requirements. It supports PCIe Gen 5 and is designed for multiple add-In- Card thicknesses. It supports board-to-board and board-to-wire interconnection.

Come visit us at booth #731, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA from January 28th to 30th for the product launch and gather more information on our other products. Stay tuned for more updates on DesignCon 2020.