Medical devices to e-vehicles, power tools and, military wearable units, today there are numerous lightweight portable applications powered by battery available in the market. Convenience and flexibility without compromising the quality is the greatest advantage of battery-operated equipment.

Amphenol manufactures custom made connectors and terminals for batteries and charger meeting major industrial standards. With enhanced durability and reliability, these are one of the most robust connector solutions available in today’s market to support basic power tools to robotic vacuum cleaners and radar guns.

The decreasing size and increasing automation of battery-powered applications demand corresponding connector designs. The advanced battery connectors are ruggedized enough to withstand demanding environments and can handle high energy loads supporting portability. These connectors offer enhanced durability through numerous mating and unmating cycles and fit into the compact packages of miniature devices. Advanced lithium batteries are capable of delivering long-lasting power even in scaled-down sizes.

Battery-powered equipment designs are proliferating and most customers require customized battery connectors to suit their design requirements, to avoid size, capacity, and position constraints. With a current rating up to 60A and dielectric voltage of 1000 VAC, Amphenol’s battery connectors can cover the entire low and medium power requirements. They help in establishing a reliable connection with the dual-beam contact design for receptacle contacts.

With up to 10000 mating cycles and a weatherproof design, these battery connectors are extremely durable and can withstand the harshest of environments. With a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +105°C, these connectors are available with Gold, Silver, Tin, Nickel, and GXT plating, high-performance Copper Alloy contacts and Thermo-plastic housings.

Amphenol’s battery connectors are available in various pin configurations and connector sizes to suit a wide range of applications like cordless power tools, E-bikes, EV battery charging stations, lawnmowers, and both cordless as well as robotic vacuum cleaners and we offer tailor-made solutions for meeting new customer demands.

Send in your custom requirements to our engineers to know more about our custom battery solutions and to choose the best for your applications.