Safety and comfort is essential for all automobiles – whether self-driving or electric. Technology is so commonly available inside a vehicle we often forget it is there!. The complex interplay of electronics and software now designed into the car offers a safe and pleasurable experience.

Safety first

Anyone can come across common risks on the road while driving, like colliding with a vehicle or obstacle, bumping into pedestrians, or skidding while hard-braking.  An automobile must be safe and secure enough to avoid damage in terms of life, property, and the environment. With technological innovations and smart vehicles, today we have solutions being developed that monitor the surroundings and take immediate action on dangers, microseconds before they occur.

Comfort next

Most vehicles today are rich with features like basic telematics, cameras, cruise control, power steering, smooth suspension over potholes, power windows and AC that makes driving very comfortable. Add-ons like seat ventilation, heating, and massaging features make it even more luxurious. These systems perform with the help of much advanced hacker-proof software, processors, memories, and peripheral buses hidden beneath the dashboard, roof, and seats.


Amphenol ICC’s rigorously tested connectors add to the network of automotive electronics.  Numerous circuit boards and wire harnesses built inside those electronics transmit high speed signals.  SheerPwr Circular, NETBridge Automotive Ethernet System, 0.40mm pitch BergStak® Floating Board-to-Board, HDMI Type E and many more of Amphenol ICC connectors line up to offer a secure and enjoyable travel experience to the driver and passenger.

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