The past decades have witnessed third generation industrial machines take automation to the fore.  They replaced human labour, offered increased productivity, and shortened the lead time, resulting in high-volume production, take automobiles for example. 

This decade, automation has taken industry a notch further to the fourth generation, where factory machines “talk” and “make decisions” with each other, referred to as the “Industrial Internet of Things” or “Industry 4.0”.  With all that Artificial Intelligence playing out, lead times further decrease, as production lines are vibrantly managed, and everything from logging and acknowledging online customer orders, to production and door-step delivery of the consignment, is sped up. What’s more, Industry 4.0 promotes modularity, boosts space-savings, and allows humans and machines to co-exist on the factory floor. 

Machinery, Robotics, Process Control, and Automation

Machines like Programmable logic controllers, robotic arms, servo drives, frequency inverters, RFID Data Carriers, and visual inspection cameras feature Industry 4.0.


For Energy, Industry 4.0 means the interplay of a vast network of power management devices known as the “Smart Grid”.  This manages to achieve reduced energy consumption by bringing the utility provider and the consumer together.  With Energy 4.0, consumers can pull more power from the grid when their domestic need shoots up, and feed energy back to the plant while they are away.  For this, Home Automation Network (HAN) and Wireless Smart Meters at the house side “talk” with the Smart Plant Data Center at the utility side. 

Other applications

Industry 4.0 brings business value by realizing increased return of investment.  Expensive types of medical diagnostic equipment like CT scans will analyze their utilization history and decide an optimal work schedule to cut the costs of operation.  In mining, an instantaneous ore assay from the machine will be sent to the labs on the first drill, enough to alert the miner whether or not to carry on with the next. 

Our offerings

Amphenol ICC has an extensive set of offerings that contribute to this burgeoning technology, including BergStak® 0.50mm (Programmable Logic Controller); Industrial Mini I/O (Robot Arm); Boltrack I/O (Servo Drive); High Speed FPC (Wireless Smart Meters); M.2 and SAS PCIe  (Smart Plant Data Centers). 

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