China’s leading Data Center event, Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) Summit was held at Beijing International Convention Center from 16 to 17 October, 2018.  The summit like previous years was a great success with over 5000 participants from many industries including Data Centers, Communications and Internet of Things.

ODCC is a non-profit organization formed by Data Center enterprises and institutions to integrate advanced research in the Data Center sector. It aims to create an open Data Center platform in China, to uphold infrastructure development, standardize Internet industry, and accelerate the process of Internet industrialization.

New technology for next-generation Data Centers is the key topic of the year. As Amphenol ICC is always keen in supporting new generation systems with advanced technological innovations, our team attended the show with great zest. High Speed IO, Storage & Server IO, as well as High Speed Backplane were some of our star products in the show. The summit opened up a great opportunity to meet some of the major players in the market and expanded our database of potential customers. It was a great avenue to showcase Amphenol ICC Data Center and an opportunity to penetrate our brand to the market for Open Source Standards.

The success of ODCC Summit 2018 was made even more worthwhile with our team achieving a “Strategic Partner Award”. As ODCC continues to contribute to the innovation and development of China's server industry, Amphenol ICC is positioned to enable the growing industry with qualified and innovative cable and connector solutions.