The automotive industry is witnessing a rapid revolution with Advanced Electronics Systems. Autonomous vehicles have already hit the roads and most modern cars today are enriched with features like Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS). Amphenol has a successful history providing interconnect solutions adhering to industry standards like USCAR and meeting LV214 severity levels.

When it comes to smart cars, adaptive Automotive Lighting is a key feature. Amphenol offers a broad range of connectors specifically suited to both interior and exterior automotive lightings. In addition to compact, reliable connectors like Minitek Microspace™, we also offer other wire-to-board power and signal connectors that meet the growing requirements of automotive lighting.

Electric Vehicles (EV) are the future of automotive industry. Supporting 15A-1000A ratings, low contact resistance, high thermal support and component modularity, Amphenol has an amazing portfolio of power connectors that support both electric vehicles and EV charging units.

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Automotive Electrical Connectors

Designed to be used specifically in vehicles, automotive electrical connectors are critical components to enable and protect the transmission of an electrical signal in the vehicle. Out of the many features that a car has, the wires, fuses - automotive electrical connectors are some of the most important components. The purpose of the car's wiring is to distribute power from the battery to devices located all over the car, while the fuses protect the wiring to make sure they do not get overloaded with power. The electrical connectors allow bundles of wires to pass through or attach to a component to power up different functions of the car such as power windows, sensors, radios, relays, lighting and ignition systems. A single connector can have many wires attaching to it and without them it would be impossible to build or service a car; making them one of the most critical components to car construction.

Amphenol offers a broad array of innovative automotive grade interconnect solutions from wire-to-board, board-to-board, Input-output to FFC-FPC connectors. Working closely with the automotive industry, Amphenol constantly strives to strengthen the existing portfolio of modular board-to-board and wire-to-board solutions, and to engineer products to perform better in vehicles while remaining complaint to automotive standards. The ability to provide customized connector solutions has also enabled Amphenol to provide innovative customized automotive solutions to meet customer needs.

Increasing Electrification of Vehicles

As vehicles head towards autonomous driving, the electrification of vehicles has resulted in an increasing need for more reliable wiring and higher performing connectors with more efficient power utilization. Because of the critical role they play, automotive connectors must be waterproof, corrosion resistant, and provide good electrical contact that will last the vehicle's lifetime. Automotive electrical connectors are often deployed into complex electrical systems and must be compact, durable and reliable while remaining easy to assemble and use.

Miniaturization of automotive connectors

With high data transmission rates, robust and compact interface, Ethernet sets the scene for the next generation of miniaturized connectors in vehicles. Amphenol's NETBridge™ Automotive Ethernet connector system is designed for the automotive environment and can transmit up to 100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s according to IEEE 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1. The automotive grade Ethernet connection system uses twisted-pair cables to transmit data and is developed in accordance with USCAR-2, VDAAK LV214 and ISO 8092-2.

Another miniature connector platform is Amphenol's Minitek MicroSpaceXS™ Crimp-to-Wire automotive connectors. Engineered to be super compact and compatible to LV214 Severity-3 and USCAR-T2V2 specifications, these 1.27mm pitch connectors come with a current rating of up to 4A per contact making it ideal for higher power applications. These miniature automotive grade connectors are offered in flexible configurations like staggered, side or top latching; and an ideal choice when high vibration endurance, primary latch, TPA, CPA, Poka Yoke, Kojiri safe are required.

Also available from Amphenol is the FLTStack 0.50mm floating board-to-board connector, compliant to USCAR-2 design. Engineered to operate at a minimum of ±0.50mm floating range in XY directions, this automotive connector comes with a self-cleaning function, has vibration resistance and self-alignment features for easier mating. With up to 3Gb/s communication data rates, it supports most automotive protocol applications. With a fine pitch design at 0.5mm and current rating of up to 0.5A/pin, this automotive floating connector features high reliability against shock in high-density applications.

Automotive Grade Connectors

Amphenol offers standard products as well as custom solutions for automotive interconnect technologies. Our engineering team is capable of developing automotive connector solutions according to customer needs, even during the design phase.

  • Amphenol's rigorously tested connectors perform to automotive standards like Open Alliance, USCAR, LV214, ISO 8092, Kojiri, and SAE J 2223
  • Connector solutions enable automotive signaling technologies like LVDS and Ethernet
  • Leading automotive Ethernet connector solutions provided are committed to Open Alliance TC2 / TC9 with 100 BASE-T1 (100 Mbps) and 1000 BASE-T1 (1 Gbps) performance, and adheres to IEEE 802.3.

HSBridge+ Connector System from Amphenol is an automotive grade USB Type C connector where the headers are compliant to USCAR-30 USB and are performance tested according to USCAR-2. They are an ideal solution for in-vehicle connections with high data rates up to 5Gb/s supporting advanced infotainment, telematics and camera devices across the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

Secure connections for Automotive Connectors

The shell, also known as housing is the outer part of the connector that holds together the smaller pieces such as the pins, sockets, pin retainer and seals.

Amphenol provides automotive grade connectors with additional features to ensure secure connection. Amphenol's HSD (High Speed Data) Connector System has a primary and secondary lock design ensuring high cable retention force. The connectors perform to USCAR-2 specifications and feature a high retention force between the die-casting and plastic to prevent the connector from damaging during incorrect release.

Amphenol's Minitek MicroSpaceXS™ Crimp-to-Wire connector system features Mechanical Connector Positions Assurance (CPA), ensuring proper mating of header and receptacle and avoids unintentional trigger of the latch. Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) to ensure proper terminal insertion position and retention.

Innovative Plating Solutions

The contacts or pins and sockets of an automotive connector are responsible for conducting electricity from one side of the connector to the other, and are made to fit perfectly together to ensure a good connection in the vehicle.

Amphenol's innovative plating solution for automotive connectors, GXT®, is the preferred plating alternative to Gold, adds Palladium and Nickel to the mix to create a cost-effective but equally efficient solution for a quality connection. Our 30+ years of commitment to offer GXT®-plated products will help to bring the best cost-quality balance into your automotive designs.

Interconnects plated with silver provide a higher current rating due to its low contact resistance. In addition, silver tolerates much higher temperatures and is more economical than gold. This is why it is the preferred plating solution in electric vehicles and standard automobiles. Amphenol's silver plating solutions for automotive connectors come in two proprietary versions, GCS® and AGT®.

Connector tail-plating done on tin to make it lead-free can grow "tin whiskers", which are microscopic projections that can impede the reliability of connection over time. Amphenol's research to prevent whisker growth helped land a solution based on matte-tin which was then tested on our products against automotive constraints like heat, humidity, and aging.

Waterproof Automotive Connectors

Seals in an automotive connector prevents water from entering the connector once locked together. Each connector has a rubber seal that fits firmly in the back, through which all the wires are fed. They also have a seal that goes around the connector, sealing where the two pieces come together.

Amphenol's Minitek MicroSpaceXS™ Waterproof 1.27mm crimp-to-wire connector platform is compatible to LV214 Severity-3 and USCAR-T2V2 specifications. These IP68 rated,1.27mm pitch connectors come with a current rating up to 3A per contact making ideal for higher power applications. The automotive grade connectors features Mechanical Connector Positions Assurance (CPA) ensuring proper mating of header and receptacle and avoids unintentional trigger of the latch, as well as Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) to ensure proper terminal insertion position and retention.

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