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  1. Rotaconnect® Rotatable Board-to-Board Connector
    Rotaconnect® Rotatable Board-to-Board Connector
    Amphenol ICC extends the RotaConnect® Board-to-Board range with a pegged version. The pegs aids... VIEW DETAILS
  2. BergStik® 2.54mm
    BergStik® 2.54mm
    BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded headers are available in surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT),... VIEW DETAILS
  3. Dubox® 2.54mm
    Dubox® 2.54mm
    The Dubox®, connector families offer an extensive range of through-hole and surface-mount part... VIEW DETAILS
  4. EconoStik™ 2.54mm
    EconoStik 2.54mm
    EconoStik™ 2.54 is an economical range of 2.54mm unshrouded header and is available in... VIEW DETAILS
  5. Minitek® 2.00mm
    Minitek® 2.00mm
    Minitek® is Amphenol ICC's brand for board to board and wire/cable to board connectors in... VIEW DETAILS
  6. Minitek 1.50mm Connector System
    Minitek 1.50mm Connector System
    MODULAR AND COMPACT SOLUTION Minitek® 1.50mm is a secure and space saving solution for devices... VIEW DETAILS
  7. Minitek127® 1.27mm
    Minitek127® 1.27mm
    Minitek127® standard board-to-board connector is the improved 1.27mm pitch modular system. It... VIEW DETAILS
  8. PHEN/PHEC Board-to-Board
    PHEN/PHEC Board-to-Board
    PHEC series is 1.27mm spacing board to board products. The PHEC series allows a miss-alignment max.... VIEW DETAILS
  9. Rib-Cage® Board-To-Board
    Rib-Cage® Board-To-Board
    Rib-Cage® connectors provide optimal precision and reliability at a competitive commercial... VIEW DETAILS
  10. BTFW Floating Board To Board
    BTFW Floating Board To Board
    The BTFW Series is a floating board-to-board connector system consisting of plugs and receptacles... VIEW DETAILS
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