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Focus Products

  1. USB 3.1 GEN 2 Connector
    USB 3.1 GEN 2 Connector

    USB 3.1 Type C Gen 2 is the future of the USB technology providing multifunction single cable solution for data, power, audio and video. The small form factor supports the evolving design trends.

  2. AirMax Product Family
    AirMax Product Family

    The AirMax® family of connectors address the industry needs for high bandwidth applications requiring a scalable migration path to 25Gb/s data rate. See how we can help you create a more efficient and cost effective solution.

  3. USB 3.1 GEN 2 Connector
    ExaMAX® 85Ω

    ExaMAX® 85Ω backplane connector system meets industry specifications requiring higher bandwidth applications from 25Gb/s to 56Gb/s. The optimized connector design delivers superior signal integrity performance resulting in low crosstalk noise and low insertion loss while minimizing channel performance variation for every differential pair.

  4. Industrial Mini I/O Connector
    Industrial Mini I/O Connector

    Industrial Mini I/O is a compact wire-to-board interface which is field installable in virtually any environment.

  5. Minitek Pwr<sup>®</sup> 4.2 High Current Connector
    Minitek Pwr® 4.2 HCC

    Minitek® Pwr 4.2 High Current Connector (HCC) is designed for power applications with current rating up to 13.5A per contact and wire gauge range from 20 to 16AWG for Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board applications.

New Products

  1. DDR4 Sodimm

    DDR4 SO-DIMM connectors deliver high speed and bandwidth. Being half the size of regular DIMMs, they lower power consumption and promote better thermal management. Different key positions aid alignment and prevent mismating. 260position SO-DIMM connectors are available in 4, 5.2, 8, 9.2mm height, in standard or reverse options.

  2. PCI Express<sup>®</sup> Gen 4 Card Edge Connectors
    PCI Express® Gen 4 Card Edge Connectors

    PCIe Gen 4 connectors meet industry standard PCIe 4.0 requiring higher speed performance. The optimized series supports backwards mating and is footprint compatible with PCIe 3/2/1.

  3.  BergStak HS<sup>&trade</sup> 0.50mm Mezzanine Connector
    BergStak HS 0.50mm Mezzanine

    BergStak HS 0.50mm connector is a flexible solution designed for high speed and high density, parallel board-to-board applications with various heights in different sizes. The BergStak HS series meets the new 25Gb/s performance requirement.

  4.  BergStak+<sup>™</sup> 0.80mm Mezzanine Connector
    BergStak+ 0.80mm Mezzanine

    BergStak+ 0.80mm is designed to be the next generation PCIe 4.0 compliant mezzanine connector system. It is fully compatible with the existing BergStak® 0.80mm product recommended by the Open Compute Project (OCP).

  5. Modular Jack Slimline Connectors
    Modular Jack Slimline

    Modular Jack Slimline occupies half the space of a traditional RJ45 ethernet link. The port spacing is on a 7mm centerline.

  6. Boltrack<sup>™</sup> Connector
    Boltrack Connector

    Boltrack connector is a robust and reliable interconnect solution. It features high power and signal performance, small form factor, field termination, EMI shielding, lightning protection and resistivity to over voltages. Boltrack connector comes in 4 pair right angle board and plug mating combination.